Resolution on Greek Seashore 15/5/2014


The organizations which sign this resolution met in response to the (Greek) Bill on “The delimitation, management and protection of the sea shores and beaches” at the Chamber of the Environment and Sustainability (Athens, Greece) on Thursday, May 15, 2014. 

They denounce the attempt to sacrifice, in the name of “development”, the most valuable part of the public land that is open to all: the sea shore, the beaches and lakesides. 

The Bill is in violation of article 24 of the Hellenic Constitution and of the country’s international commitment to protect the shores and the landscape. It lacks the necessary scientific basis; the competent scientific public authorities were not consulted in the drafting. After the abolition of procedural safeguards, regarding Spatial and Town planning and the environmental licensing process, the Greek Government now aims to do away, for the sake of proposed investment, with restrictions effectively protecting the coastal zone.

The Bill damages directly and in an irreparable manner, the very core of the natural and cultural wealth: beaches, wetlands, vulnerable ecosystems, marine and sea coastal antiquities, the landscape and natural formations. For the first time in history, the shores will not be open to all; people lose their free access to the beach. Once again, those who have illegally occupied public land are vindicated, against any notion of Rule of Law.

Even assessed from a purely economic point of view, the Bill, if passed, will deprive the country of its greatest comparative advantage and its only chance for recovery through sustainable development.

The organizations which sign this resolution declare that they will not allow the country’s natural and cultural heritage, the very essence for the peoples’ physical, moral and spiritual survival, for present and future generations, to be thrown into the black hole of the debt.

They join their voices with that of the 150.000 (and more) citizens who have demanded that the Bill be withdrawn. They call on the members of Parliament and the political parties to publicly state their opinion on the Bill.


Sign the Resolution! Send an email () with your name, or the name of your organization, writing: Withdraw the Bill on the Greek seashore!

The Resolution can be also found at the contact point:

(Athens, Greece, June 26, 2014)