Press release "The Βill for the Greek Seashore" 06/26/2014

Today (26 June 2014), the Press Conference of the Network "Seashore Zero Hour" on the Bill on the Hellenic Seashore took place. The main arguments against the Bill were developed by: Mrs Maria Karamanof, President of the Chamber of Environment and Sustainability, Councilor of State, Mrs Despina Koutsouba, underwater archaeologist, member of the Board of the Association of Greek Archaeologists, Mrs. Helen Kaberis, researcher at the Greek Centre for Marine Research (GCMR) and Mr George Kalliabetsos, member of the Pan-Hellenic Network of Ecological Organizations (PANDOIKO). 

Interventions were made by Mr. Panos Totsikas member of the Struggle Committee for the Metropolitan Park in ELLINIKO and Greek actor-marathon runner Mr Agis Emmanouil, who organized and will run the “Super-Marathon: 240 km to the seashore” (8-12 July).


The Network "Seashore Zero Hour", which brings together hundreds of scientific, environmental and social organizations, agencies, collectives and citizens, invites the Greek government to permanently withdraw the Bill on the seashore, and urges people to mobilize against alienation and transformation of the foreshore into concrete by any method whatsoever. 

The Network invites citizens, scientific bodies, institutions and organizations in Greece and abroad to sign Resolutions and send letters of protest to the Greek Government and the Press. 

Already more than 150,000 people have signed a petition calling for the immediate withdrawal of this bill on the website avaaz, and elsewhere, along with more than 135 scientific, environmental and social organizations.

How you can help:

-Fb group: Greek Seashore 0 Hour: Post a photo of your favorite Greek seashore and help save it!

-Sign the Resolution! Send an email () with your name, or the name of your organization, writing: Withdraw the Bill on the Greek seashore!

(The Resolution can be also found at the contact point:

- Spread the word!

- Organize a Marathon in your country!